2024 Registration

Registration is open for 2024. All activities involving youth that are not specifically noted in the Youth Protection Policy (UW-1045) as being out of scope must be registered with the Office of Youth Protection.

Register a Youth Activity

What happens next?

The Office of Youth Protection will contact you regarding your registration. OYP staff will provide you with additional information about requirements that are applicable to your activity.

Simple Safe Zone (SSZ)

Simple Safe Zone (SSZ) is a Google Shared Drive that provides a simple and safe space for youth programs, and activities to store information and meet compliance requirements. When needed, OYP staff will create an SSZ drive for your Youth Activity.

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What is Simple Safe Zone (SSZ)?

SSZ is a Google Shared drive that OYP creates for each program every year. The shared drive members include the Authorized Custodian and other individuals who administer the program.

As a Shared Drive, SSZ provides secure cloud-based storage for program information:

  • UW–Madison has a G Suite for Higher Education license with Google that provides additional security over Google’s standard commercial applications. G Suite (Google Apps) includes Drive, Docs, Sheets, and other common products.
  • The SSZ configuration of a Shared drive and SSZ usage have been reviewed by the Office of Cybersecurity.
  • SSZ is a safer option than departmental share drives, laptops, and paper files.

Is SSZ required? Authorized Custodians and program administrators  must use SSZ to submit completed rosters. SSZ contains roster templates that are required. Authorized Custodians may use SSZ to store all other program information, but are not required to as long as information is stored securely. Refer to Information Security.

Google Sheets Roster Templates

Each youth activity’s Simple Safe Zone (SSZ) shared drive includes staff and participant rosters as preformatted Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application similar to Microsoft Excel.

For rosters submitted to OYP:

  • Use the preformatted rosters in SSZ.

 Rosters must be submitted in the format provided in the SSZ roster templates. Do not delete columns, instead, use the hide feature for columns that you do not need to access. If you wish to include additional information, you may add additional columns at the end of the Google Sheet.

Roster help:

Use SSZ to Submit and Store Rosters

SSZ Shared drives have been reviewed and approved by the Office of Cybersecurity for storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) records and other sensitive data related to youth programs.

Optional: Use SSZ to store any program information files, of any file type.

Required: Use SSZ to upload authorization from school/college/division youth protection designee, completed staff and participant rosters.

Submit one participant roster:

  • Final roster is due 14 days following the conclusion of the youth activity

Rosters submitted to OYP become the university’s official record of the youth activity and are retained as legally required. This ensures institutional continuity even if program leadership or staffing changes over time.

Request a SSZ

Authorized Custodians: Request an SSZ from OYP:

  1. Register your program with OYP.
  2. Email Include the name and NetID of each person who should be a member (the program’s administrative team). OYP will confirm that the SSZ Shared drive is created.
  3. Sign in to Google Drive using your UW-Madison G Suite (Google) account. Find SSZ – “Program Name ” in the list of Shared drives.
  4. Locate the compliance year folder which will contain all program staff rosters and participant rosters.

Note: SSZ shared drives are unique to each year. Request a new SSZ each year that your program operates.

Get Started with SSZ in Google Drive

  1. Watch Video: Introduction to SSZ 
  2. Sign in to Google Drive at Use your email address. 
  3. If your SSZ does not appear in your Google Shared drives list, then email to ask for your SSZ to be created or ask to be added as a member of an existing SSZ.
  4. Refer to the additional SSZ and G Suite help topics on this page.